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Uncle Henry's Oral Care
Uncle Harry's All Natural, Fluroide-Free Tooth Paste & Tooth Powder
Cal Ben Five Star Soaps
Shampoo, Soap, Laundry & Cleaning
WindDrift Hill Goat Milk Soap
Handcrafted, home made goat milk soap. Gentle but pure cleaning for your body.

All CALBEN soaps are hypoallergenic!

CAL BEN SOAPS have been around since 1947. Marty Schachter (owner and designer of CAL BEN soap products) decided over 60 years ago that he no longer wanted to use the chemical-based cleaning products that were being massively shoved down the publics' throats by the million dollar advertising budgets of the giant cleaning-product companies. There are over 17,000 chemicals, contaminants and drugs in our cleaning products, that we've been using for decades.

Marty decided "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH"!

CAL BEN SOAPS are made using organic materials. The highest quality coconut and vegetable oils (never animal tallow!) and orange and lemon oils are used in production of these fine products.

CAL BEN SOAPS are pure and natural. They are naturally super concentrated, so a "little bit goes a long way".

The pure bar soap leaves you squeeky-clean after your shower.
The laundry soap cleans safely and deeply, extending the life of your clothes.
The shampoo cleans all the way to your scalp and leaves your hair beautiful.
The automatic dishwasher soap magically cleans your dishes better then ever.
There is also a "good for anything" cleaner that does it all!

By using CAL BEN SOAPS you can throw away all the other poisonous cleaning supplies you've got stuffed under your sink.

CAL BEN SOAPS, being super concentrated and pure, save you nearly 75% in cost when compared to the "normal" cleaning supplies.

Do your wallet, your body and the Earth a favor: use CAL BEN FIVE STAR SOAPS!

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3 oz Bar
Pure Soap Beauty Bath Bar
Cleans naturally.
  Discover the miracle of "pure soap" for beautifully natural skin, that puts new life into sluggish complexions and brings a natural healthy glow to the entire body. Triple hard milled bar.
Pure Soap Bath Bar
1 bar - $1.95
12 bars - $22.00
24 bars - $40.00
INGREDIENTS: 20% Cocoa butter (Extra Virgin Copra Cocoanut Oil) U.S.P. Grade. 80% Vegetable Fat (Highest Grade Tallow oil). A few drops of Pure Almond Essential Oil Extract for essence.
Five Star Natural Shampoo
super emollient, triple-concentrated, exceptionally mild hair and body soap with enriched conditioning. Gives your hair a glorious sparkling beauty, glowing with health and cleanliness.
16 ozs. $12.00
32 ozs. $18.00
INGREDIENTS: Extra Virgin Cocoa Butter Oils, Vegetable Protein Oil, Amide Cocoa Fat, Essential Cocoanut Oil Essence, Vegetable Fat Conditioner.

Concentrate Pure Soap & SeaFoam Pump for Hand Washing
The Seafoam Finger Pump is a unique 8 ounce counter top soap dispenser, that with only a small measure of Liquid Pure Soap Concentrate instantly creates a rich, thick foam, for all hand washing, general cleansing and the safe lather foam washing of fruit and vegetables. Liquid Pure Soap Concentrate is 100% active. Add a half ounce to the pump and fill the rest with water and shake well. The Seafoam Pump will make over 300 generous foam portions. The 16-ounce bottle of Liquid Pure Soap will re-fill the Foam Pump up to 32 times, that's equal to 9600 hand washes.

16 oz & Foam Pump $22.00
INGREDIENTS: Vegetable Tallow Oil, Extra Virgin Coca Butter Oil, Foam Stabilizer, Opacifier, Essential Oil Extract of California Oranges Essence.

SeaFoam Dish Glow
For safe handwashing of everything that needs cleaning. This unique liquid creme soap is the most versatile super-concentrated multi-purpose cleaner available. Super cleans dishes, pots and pans, tubs, showers, walls, carpet, etc.

16 ounce $12.00
INGREDIENTS: Vegetable Tallow Oil, Extra Virgin Coca Butter Oil, Anionic Degreaser, Foam Stabilizer, Opacifier, Essential Oil Extract of California Oranges Essence.

SeaFoam Destain Dishwasher Soap
The finest quality dishwashing product manufactured in America today. Super concentrated for complete soil removal  and spot free rinsing of all dishes, silverware, utensils, pots and pans, in any make or model of dishwasher.

5 LB box $15.00
INGREDIENTS: Builders (complex sodium phosphates and sodium carbonate), cleaning and water spot prevention agents (nonionic surfactant and chlorine, dishwasher & china protection agents (sodium silicate), processing aid (sodium sulfate).

Seafoam Powder Laundry Soap
Contains carefully selected white wetting agents and natural soap of the highest grade available. A Scientific blend of dispersing agents to loosen and prevent redeposition of soil and stains with natural silicates.
The finished product is sprayed with a special natural essential oil to give laundry a clean fresh scent . Seafoam biodegrades quickly, safely and completely. Very concentrated.

One Gallon Bottle $45.00
25 Pound Box $65.00
INGREDIENTS: Dry White Cocoa Granules, Tallow Oil Granules, C.M.C. Degreaser, Anionic Degreaser, Sodium Metasilicate, Washing Soda, Essential Oil Extract of Lemon Oil Essence.

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"These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.
This product is not intended to diagnose, cure, prevent or treat any diseases."

The above is a Government ORDERED statement.
It is NOT based in either reality or sanity.
Just like our Government.

In a landmark decision on Friday, Jan. 15, 1999, the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia ruled that
the health claim rules imposed by the FDA unconstitutional and in violation of the Administrative Procedure Act.
The court instructed the FDA to allow the use of disclaimers on labels rather than to suppress these claims outright.
The court further held prohibiting nutrient disease relationship claims invalid under the first Amendment to the Constitution.