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Uncle Henry's Oral Care
Uncle Harry's All Natural, Fluroide-Free
Tooth Paste & Tooth Powder
Cal Ben Five Star Soaps
Shampoo & Soap, Laundry & cleaning supplies
Wind Drift Hill Goat Milk Soap
Handcrafted, home made goat milk soap. Gentle but pure cleaning for your body.


A New Cleaning Way For Pennys A Day

The Seafoam Finger Pump is a unique non-aerosol unbreakable counter top foam soap dispenser. Liquid Pure Soap Concentrate mixed 10 to one with water, instantly creates a rich, thick foam, for hand washing, general cleansing and the safe washing of fruit and vegetables. 

Created exclusively for the Seafoam PumpLiquid Pure Soap Concentrate is 100% active.  Add a half ounce of soap to the pump and fill the rest with water and shake well.
The Seafoam Pump will make over 300 generous foam portions.  The 16-ounce bottle of Liquid Pure Soap will re-fill the Foam Pump many times. More cost effective than any other hand soap.

Each kit comes with one pump and
one 16 ounce bottle of the PURE SOAP Concentrate.

16 oz Pure Soap & Foam Pump $22.00





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