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Portable 10 Watt Solar Panel for Survival, Emergency, Prepping and every day use.

The Sierra Wave Solar Collector efficiently generates solar energy for a variety of devices.

Use it to directly charge electronic devices such as cell phones/smart phones, MP3/iPods, GPS, flashlights, lanterns, cameras and battery storage devices.

The outer Nylon material is weatherproof and provides durable protection to the solar cells. The complete unit can be attached to a backpack for charging while hiking, laid on the dash of your vehicle, hung in a window, nailed to a tree and even stretched on a rope in the sun.

Your smaller devices can be put into one of the two attached zippered pouches to charge. Multiply devices can be charged at once.

For added benefit, you can put a small battery pack into a pouch, charge it during the day and draw power from it at night!

A chaining feature allows 2 of these collectors to be connected together to increase energy collection to 20 watts!

•High quality monocrystalline solar cells
•Durable Nylon outer shell
•Multi-Voltage Power Port Hub that allows for 5V USB, 6V, AND 12V-15V power output options
•Cig Lighter port to use any device that has a 12V DC cig lighter plug
•Power Port Hub provides power regulation protection to your electronic devices
•Includes one Barrell Power Adapter and one Chainable Cable.

Materials: Monocrystalline solar cells, Nylon

10 Watt: Unit unfolds to 29” x 11.5” and folds to a compact 8.25” x 11.5”; Weight: 1.75 lbs.


Portable 10 Watt Solar Panel for Survival, Emergency, Prepping and every day use.

Sierra Wave
10 Watt Solar Collector




$7.00 for 5 sleeves


PROTECT YOURSELF and buy our RFID Blocking Sleeves with free shipping

If you have a credit card, debit card, ID card, Passport Card or Drivers License that transmit the data to a close proximity reader, or an ID that does the same, then you have an RFID tag embedded in it, and you're in grave danger of having your personal data stolen.

An RFID (Radio Frequency Identification Device) is a tiny radio circuit that sends your information when it gets within the proximity of a reader.

A criminal with a smart device can collect signals from hundreds of such credit cards in a matter of minutes, and up to 75 feet away!

A credit card sleeve acts like a "faraday cage" and blocks all RFID activity. The sleeve is made from a mylar/aluminum laminate. Each sleeve perfectly fits one credit card or standard sized ID card.

It's almost seems like a "conspiracy" that credit card manufacturers are forcing us to use RFID embedded cards, knowing full well that they are easy to hack!

PROTECT YOURSELF and buy our RFID Blocking Sleeves with free shipping

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