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Aqua Cera
Non-Electric, Non-Pressurized, Gravity Fed
Counter-top units for home,
RVs, cabins, camp site, travel

Non-Electric, Portable & Hand Held
Units for home, RVs, cabins, backpacking,
hiking, travel, camp sites, high volumn users

The following is an exerpt of a direct communication
by Ceramic Filters Company Inc., used with their permission

1989 - Ceramic Filters Company, Inc. started (In America) as the sole Agent and Importer for Fairey Industrial Ceramics, which are the manufactors of the authentic Doulton ceramic water filters, and owners of the British Berkefeld® brand of water filter housings.

1998 – Ceramic Filters Company, Inc. started dealing with NMCL for the sale of British Berkefeld® branded gravity filter products

1999 – Ceramic Filters Company, Inc. signed an agreement with NMCL for NMCL to be the sole distributor for the British Berkefeld.® branded water filtering housing and internals. We also created (at his request) the Big Berkey® which originally used 9” filters instead of the 7” filters used everywhere else in the world so that he had a competing unit against Katadyn’s gravity unit. NMCL then trademarked the name “Berkey®” and “Big Berkey®” in the US. We then introduced the Crown & Royal units for NMCL for people wanting a larger unit.

2003NMCL advised us they was developing a new water filter element and housing for it to be used in, and that it would help sales of their units and would not take anything away from British Berkefeld® sales. Marketing of the Berkey Light® and Black Berkey® elements happened soon after.

The black elements are being marketed as a “purifier”, yet according to the EPA, in order for a water filter to be deemed a purifier it must remove bacteria, protozoan cysts and virus. Since the black elements do not remove virus, his claim of a “purifier” is dubious at best.

These black filters are a modified spun carbon filtering cartridge, made for a pressurized water system, not a gravity drip system. This is why NMCL tells you to "prime" the black filters before they can be used. Go to Home Depot - you can see nearly the same carbon filter there for under $15.00.

Do an internet search for "problems with Black Berky® filter" and you'll see PROOF these filters are NOT what they claim. Many will seperate from their glued-on base.

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