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Thyroid Repair
(Lugols Iodine)

Cholestrol Reduction
(100% pure Niacin)

Thyroid Repair & Protection

4 oz bottle


2% Iodine
4% Potassium Iodide
94% Distilled Water

Lugol’s Iodine was first developed by the French physician, Dr. Jean Lugol, in 1829. It was a transparent brown liquid consisting of potassium iodide, iodine and distilled water.

Lugol’s proved an effective bactericide and fungicide and, was in fact (for the better part of a century), a common antiseptic.

Historically speaking, Lugol’s has long been traditionally used to soothe the discomfort of upset stomach due to food poisoning, and kills the salmonella bacteria on contact.

Principally known for its job in proper metabolism and thyroid function, iodine is also necessary for a healthy immune system and has many therapeutic benefits including antibacterial, antiparasitic, antiviral and anticancer properties.

The thyroid is the body's main storage site for iodine. The mineral is also concentrated in the glandular system, including the body's sweat glands. The ovaries, breasts, prostate and the brain contain high concentrations of iodine, and virtually every cell in the body is dependent on this important element. When a deficiency exists, the thyroid competes with other storage sites and all become depleted. An iodine deficit puts one at risk for a variety of conditions and illnesses, including cancer.

Iodine is also essential for children's growth and development, and a deficiency in pregnant women is the primary cause of preventable mental retardation and brain damage, as disclosed by the World Health Organization.

The thyroid requires iodine to produce its hormones and to regulate the body's metabolism.

Hypothyroidism is indicated by a low metabolic rate. Hypothyroidism is common in an iodine deficient state. Proper iodine supplementation often results in curing or improving the hypothyroid condition. Some of the many symptoms that indicate a hypothyroid state include:

Breasts Cysts
Breast Cancer
Brittle nails
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Cold hands and feet
Dry skin
Elevated cholesterol
Inability to concentrate
Mental Retardation in children
Menstrual irregularities
Muscle cramps/weakness
Poor memory
Puffy eyes
Thyroid Disease
Water Disinfectant
Weight gain.

Worldwide, we are experiencing epidemic proportions of iodine deficiency, in part due to deforestation, soil erosion, and poor farming practices that deplete minerals from the soil and yield iodine-deficient crops.

The role of iodine in human nutrition is well-established - as are its deficiency diseases and the conditions to which its deficiency can contribute (i.e. goiter, cretinism, hypothyroidism, etc.)

Optimally, people would get all their iodine from dietary sources: kelp, seaweed, certain types of ocean fish, and vegetables grown in iodine-rich soil. But many ocean-bearing iodine-rich foods are now unavailable, and agricultural farmland is increasingly iodine-deficient, leading to reduced levels of iodine in foods.

Other areas, such as the Great Lakes region in the U.S., are naturally deficient in iodine -- a fact that lead to the massive goiter outbreak in the 1930's, when 40% of the people living in Michigan suffered from goiter.

In 1924, iodine was first added to table salt as a preventative measure, and by 1940, the practice was in general consumer use.

Table salt, by definition, is mostly "sodium chloride" (what chemists call a "halide" - or a halogen tied to a mineral, making it a "salt" of a halogen). The use of table salt as a delivery vehicle for iodine ironically presents a situation where you ingest far more chlorine, which displaces iodine than you do the iodine itself.

Chlorine, which has been used extensively since 1904 to control microbes in public drinking water, belongs to the same class of elements as iodine: the "halogens" - or elements that are one step removed from the "inert elements" (or gases) because they have just one electron missing from their outer shell to make it inert (non-reactive). This makes them quite readily reactive.

Chlorine, fluorine (fluoride), and bromine can displace iodine in our body.

Our water has chlorine and fluoride in it, and modern breads use bromine as a raising agent.

To counter the effects of iodine loss, it is recommended to do the following:
(1) Eat foods rich in iodine: food from the ocean (fish, lobster, clams, mussels, squid, etc), radishes, asparagus, carrots, tomatoes, spinach, rhubarb, potatoes, peas, strawberries, mushrooms, lettuce, bananas, cabbage, egg yolk, and onions;
(2) Take preparations known to be rich in iodine, such as Lugol's iodine.

How To Take Lugol's Iodine

A standard dose (those looking for general health purposes) would be 3 to 5 drops of Lugol's per 4 ounces of water in a glass. If treating a thyroid problem, recommended dose would be 5 to 10 drops in 4 ounces of water, twice daily.

You know your body better than anyone else, so pay attention to the effects. If you develop diarrhea, nausea, headaches, skin rash, or any other symptom that you could attribute to taking Logul's Iodine, either stop taking Logul's or cut back the amount you're taking.

Lugol's Iodine Other Uses

Realize that this IS iodine, so can stain skin, clothes, counter tops, etc.
# Use as a drinking/cooking/bathing water disinfectant. Two drops per quart will kill all pathogen in water.

# Swimming pools, hot tub, jacuzzi. Use Lugol's Iodine instead of chlorine.
# As wound treatment. Put full strength on cuts.
# In a douche. 10 drops in quart of lukewarm water.
# As a "non-healing wound" treatment. 10 drops per 8 ounces of water - flush wound hourly.
# Lugol's Iodine is used as a stain to highlight slide specimens for microscopic viewing.

Lugol's Iodine is an antibacterial, antiviral, antiparasitic germicide, used by both medical and veterinary doctors.

Dr. Brownstein is the formost expert in the need for iodine.
Hear one of his vital lectures here.

Here is a link to a very in-depth book about the healing power of Iodine and Potassium Iodide:
Iodine Remedies: Secrets From The Sea
by Mary Jo Fahey

(Vitamin B3)
Cholestrol Reduction

NIACIN, Pure - 100 tabs per bottle
100 mg $4.00 - Qty:
250 mg $5.75 - Qty:
500 mg $6.75 - Qty:

Niacin (also known as vitamin B3) is an organic compound with the formula C6H5NO2 and, one of the essential human nutrients. Not enough niacin in the diet can cause nausea, skin and mouth lesions, anemia, headaches, and tiredness. Niacin is the oldest lipid lowering drug with unique anti-atherosclerotic property.

Chronic Niacin deficiency leads to a disease called pellagra, which is characterized by diarrhea, dermatitis, and dementia, as well as “Casal's necklace” lesions on the lower neck, hyper-pigmentation, thickening of the skin, inflammation of the mouth and tongue, digestive disturbances, amnesia, delirium (and eventually death, if left untreated.) Common psychiatric symptoms of niacin deficiency include irritability, poor concentration, anxiety, fatigue, restlessness, apathy, and depression.

The lack of niacin may also be observed in pandemic deficiency disease which is caused by a lack of five crucial vitamins: niacin, vitamin C, thiamin, vitamin D and vitamin A, and is usually found in areas of widespread poverty and malnutrition. Niacin has been used for over 50 years to decrease the risk of cardiovascular events, to lower cholesterol levels, and for preventing cardiovascular disease in patients with diabetes Niacin is involved in both DNA repair, and the production of steroid hormones in the adrenal gland.

Niacin has been in use, since 1950, for the treatment of accumulated levels of radiation in the human body. The human body, designed to accept (then flush) normal levels of radiation, has been found to "stockpile" radiation, due to the elevated levels of man-made radiation stemming from thousands of nuclear weapon discharge world wide. Regular intake, of even 100 mg Niacin daily, will assist the body to rid itself of this excess radiation.


Starting dose is one 100 mg tab daily (with food). Niacin will cause a red flush to your skin (akin to typical sunburn), itching and slight burning feeling after 5 to 10 minutes from ingestion. This "flushing" will last from 10 to 30 minutes.

Recommended doseage is 500 mg per day, but NEVER take more than you're used to.

Here is exactly how you progress to 500 mg daily:

Take 100 mg with food (preferably breakfast). Within 5 to 10 minutes, you'll feel the flush/itching coming on. This "flush" effect will last from 5 minutes to 15 minutes, then pass. If it's too strong for you, drink a glass of water to dilute the niacin.

Take your dose of niacin daily until you have no flushing effects for a period of three days running (in a row).


When three days of no-effect is up, on the forth day take 200 mg of niacin. Follow the same three-day-rule for the next increase to 300 mg, and so forth until you reach the target dose of 500 mg.

Niacin is niacin. Nothing else will be as medicinal as pure niacin. You will not receive any benifit from "slow release", "no flush", "time release", or ANY other weak and worthless copy of the real thing: NIACIN.

With daily use, Niacin will reduce your cholesterol, help clean your arterial walls, keep your blood vessels, capillaries and veins clear of buildup, lower your background radiation levels, help improve your general skin tone: the effects on your general health, of a continuous daily intake of Niacin, is wide spread and astounding!

Medical Report on Niacin and It's Uses

Niacin, Coronary Disease and Longevity
by Abram Hoffer, M.D., Ph.D.

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