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Wind Drift Hill Goat Milk Soap
Handcrafted, home made goat milk soap. Gentle but pure cleaning for your body.


Hand Crafted Goat Milk Soaps

Soaps today have many ingredients and additives only a chemist could understand! Windrift Hill soaps contain no preservatives, only naturally blended ingredients.

We use only the highest quality essential and fragrance oils along with herbs and spices for texture and color. Unlike most mass produced soaps, our handcrafted, cold processed Goat Milk soaps retain all of the moisturizing glycerin that is formed. Each bar of soap is hand cut and contains over one ounce of fresh goat milk.

The bars will vary slightly in size and shape are not wrapped as being kept in the open air extends their shelf life. The aromas will become stronger when wet and you will notice that our soaps leave no soap film on your skin.

Our Bars are all natural, pure Nubian goats milk loaded with butterfat for moisturizing and milk protein for healing. Imported Olive Oil from Italy, Coconut oil for lather, Palm Kernel oil for hardness. Our colors are all natural – clay oxides dug from the earth which are FDA approved. We only use quality oils that heal and moisturize the skin naturally. The scents in our soaps are produced from Essential Oils, Fragrance Oils or a combination of both, you choose. Our scents last until the last sliver is gone!

All soaps will contain:
Olive Oil, Goat Milk, Sustainable Palm Kernal Oil,
Coconut Oil, Sodium Hydroxide, Fragrance Oil

Lively Apricot - A yummy blend of fruit and flora enriched with apricot kernel oil. Black walnut hulls and raspberry seeds are added for gentle exfoliation. Great for mature, sensitive skin. Montana Sage - A crisp clean scent just like the outside itself. A blend of Montana Sage, juniper, and Evergreen.
Carrot with Aloe - Unscented. Enriched with natural vitamin A, using fresh carrots essential for soft healthy skin. The healing properties of aloe vera make this a winning combination. Nature Made - Unscented. A complexion bar enriched with Sun Dried Utah desert and glacier clay, French Brittany seaweed powder, oat bran and bee pollen.
Cinnamon Swirl - Lightly scented but a real pick-me-up. Cinnamon oil stimulates and lifts beard, or for us ladies, leg hair, for a close and spicy shave. Oh Joy! - Superfatted with cocoa butter, scented with almond and tropical coconut. Used in ancient times for moisturizing properties - creamiest and mildest of soaps.
Coffee n' Spice - An odor-eating soap. Scented with allspice and coffee. Fresh ground coffee removes kitchen odor from hands. Rain - reminds me of a warm summer rain and splashing in puddles. Light scent with blue swirls.
Emu Oil - Unscented. Benefits of this oil are endless. Not only is it a natural emollient and moisturizer but also great to use if skin disorders and allergies are a problem. Relaxing - A blend of French lavender, fir pine, pure vanilla, Egyptian jasmine, softened with delicate musks.
English Gardens - Like a stroll through an English Garden - heavy with hyacinth and some heather. This soap has a brisk scent. Wonderful! The Serious Bar - Unscented. Neem has antibacterial, antiviral, anti-fungal, anti-parasitic qualities - beneficial for people with eczema, psoriasis or acne. Real pink grapefruit juice added for astringency.
Essence of Herbs - A juicy fruity sensation with deep woody base notes - appeals to both sexes! Corn meal - great on hands!
Spicy Apple - The scent of Red Apples with cinnamon and cloves. Marbled red!
Eye Opener - A strong peppermint blend that's invigorating, refreshing, and stimulating. Can be used on face as well as body - mild astringent. Peppermint leaves add color and texture. Spring Time - The Scent of Hemlock, Magnolia and Honeysuckle - Fresh as Mountain Air!
Lilac - May mornings filled with the old-fashioned smell of lilacs. Dried botanicals added. Sweet Honeysuckle - A field of wildflowers makes this an irresistible blend!
Lovely Lavender- A natural disinfectant and a classic scent soothing to the senses. Lavender buds throughout. Great for overly oily skin. Zesty Lemon- This soap will brighten your bath or shower with its crisp, clean fragrance. Real zest is added to this wonderful bar!
Montana Huckleberry - It's here! Sweet and juicy with just a hint of tartness. Don't wear it in Bear Country!  


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