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made from their actual elemental metals

Minerals are essential to your physical and mental health. They are a basic part of all cells: blood, nerve, muscle, bones, teeth, brain and soft tissue. Although your body can manufacture some vitamins, it cannot make minerals. Thus a deficiency of minerals is more common than a deficiency of vitamins.

Some minerals are essential to regulate the fluid balance of our bodies, while other minerals work with the enzymes that catalyze biochemical reactions, aid energy production, nerve transmission, muscle contraction and metabolism of food.

Each of these individual mineral supplement creates a specific effect and addresses a specific region within the human body. Guidelines are on our website or you can do your own research on the internet to determine which mineral to use.

Our mineral compounds are ionic (smaller than nano-particles) and created in triple-purified reverse-osmosis water, and use the purest form of each individual mineral available in the world.

These are the CONCENTRATED IONIC LIQUID MINERALS available. Ionized, cell-ready, water soluble. Angstrom sized elemental mineral particles are immediately absorbed. No additives, fillers or preservatives. ("ppm" refers to "Parts Per Million": how many ions of the minerals is in one million parts of water)

BORON (20 ppm)
Supports bone metabolism, formation and repair of cartilage. Helps regulate estrogen and testosterone; research suggests may improve sexual function and support memory and brain function. Helps in the absorption of calcium. Helps prevent osteoporosis, arthritis, and tooth decay.

Symptoms of Boron deficiency: Arthritis, Brittle bones, Osteoporosis, Degenerative Joint Disease, Weak Cartilage, Carpal tunnel syndrome, Receding gums, Hormonal Imbalance, Memory loss, Loss of Libido

COBALT (33 ppm)
Cobalt is an essential mineral, though in small amounts. Supports the myelin sheath; aids assimilation of iron and building of red blood cells; increases the body's ability to absorb Vitamin B-12; stimulates many enzymes of the body and maintains the performance of other body cells.

Symptoms of Cobalt deficiency: Digestive disorders, Anaemia, Fatigue, Poor circulation, Myelin sheath damage, Slow growth rate, Nerve damage.

COPPER (50 ppm)
Copper increases iron assimilation and aids in the formation of haemoglobin and red blood cells. Low or high Copper levels can be found in those with mental and emotional problems. Copper helps rid the body of parasites, and is beneficial for graying and thinning hair.

Symptoms of a Copper deficiency: Allergies, Anaemia, Arthritis, Dry brittle hair, Edema, Kawasaki Disease, Heart disease, Hernias, Hair loss/baldness, Liver cirrhosis, Osteoporosis, Oppressed Breathing, Parasites, Parkinson's Disease, Reduced glucose tolerance, Ruptured disc, Skin eruptions or sores, White or gray hair, Varicose veins, Wrinkled skin.

GERMANIUM (51 ppm)
Germanium is necessary for optimum health. Germanium facilitates oxygen uptake in organs and helps expel harmful pollutants and arrest germ activity. Germanium serves as an electrical semi-conductor, helping correct the electrical fields of the body.

GOLD (34 ppm)
Gold promotes a general euphoric feeling, enhances the body's natural defenses against illness, and promotes vitality and longevity. Gold helps improve glandular function. It helps the body to relax. Some people report that after taking Gold for an extended period of time, it raises energy levels. It is also believed that Gold helps repair damaged DNA. Gold may have anti-inflammatory effects.

Symptoms of Gold deficiency: Arthritis, Brain dysfunction, Cancer, Chills, Circulatory disorders, Depression, Drug & alcohol addiction, Gland dysfunction, Heat flashes, Insomnia, Joint inflammation, Neutralizes fluoride poisoning, Night sweats, Obesity, Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

PLATINUM (55 ppm)
In the 1970's, Platinum was used in x-ray dye for women's breasts. Breast lumps began shrinking and even disappearing afterwards. Platinum dye has been replaced with radioactive dyes. Platinum may be effective in killing disease-causing bacteria, fungus and viruses.

Symptoms of Platinum deficiency: Back pain, Cancer, Chronic fatigue, Gland dysfunction, Headaches, Insomnia, Mental alertness, Nerve Damage, Neuralgia, PMS, Poor concentration.

SULFUR (500 ppm)
Sulfur aids every cell in the body with elimination of toxic substances. Sulfur aids functions in enzyme reactions and protein synthesis and is important in cellular respiration. It is the lubricant found between joints. A deficiency of water-soluble sulfur can lead to a variety of conditions ranging from skin irritations and rashes to total breakdown of cells.

It is believed that Sulfur can repair the myelin sheath. Damage in the myelin sheath causes the shaking condition in Palsy, Multiple Sclerosis, Lorenso's Disease and many other disease conditions where motor functions are uncontrollable.

Chronic or severe allergies to dust, pollen, wool, animal hair, feathers, etc. with symptoms ranging from respiratory congestion to inflammation, itching, and general discomfort, can be relieved with Sulfur. It increases blood circulation, reduces back pain, relieves migraine headaches, promotes muscle healing, beautifies the skin, relieves allergies to food, controls acidity in stomach ulcers, is important for carbohydrate metabolism and speeds wound healing. Sulfur is stored in all body cells, especially skin, hair and nails.

Symptoms of Sulfur deficiency: Arthritis, Acne, Asthma, Back pain, Circulatory problems, Constipation, Dry skin, Inflammation, Migraines, Muscle pain, Nerve disorders, Stress, Skin Disorders, Urinary tract disorders, Various muscle and skeletal disorders, Wrinkles.

ZINC (100 ppm)
Lack of Zinc can lead to a wide variety of degenerative diseases and illnesses. Zinc aids in the proper assimilation of vitamins, normal growth and development, maintenance of body tissues, sexual function, immune system, chemical detoxification, synthesis of DNA, and helps reduce healing time both before and after surgery.

Lack of Zinc in pregnancy can result in Down's Syndrome, cleft lip, spina bifida, clubbed limbs, hiatal hernia, and umbilical hernias. Zinc is anti-bacterial, anti-viral and is found in all the body fluids, including the moisture in the eyes, lungs, nose, urine and saliva.

Because Zinc moves through all the fluids in the body, it creates a defense against infection-causing bacteria and viruses by stopping replication.

Symptoms of Zinc deficiency: Angina, Alzheimer's, Anaemia, Alcoholism, Acne, Anorexia and Bulimia, Body Odor, Birth defects, Cavities, Crohn's Disease, Depression, Diabetes, Eye diseases, Herpes, Hypertension, Hair loss, Infertility, Libido, Loss of smell and taste, Miscarriages, Obesity, PMS, Still births, Thyroid disorders, Urinary tract infections

Each bottle contains 0ne pint (16 fluid ounces) of pure mineral mixed in pure water.

$19.50 per pint
$19.50 per pint

$19.50 per pint

Checks, Money Orders or Cashiers Checks only - call 800 753-1981 for further info.

$19.50 per pint
$19.50 per pint
$19.50 per pint
$19.50 per pint
$19.50 per pint



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