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Here's how to order from
Survival Enterprises

Cash, gold/silver coins & Cryptocurrency

To see all our wonderful products, go to our main page at

If you don't want to use the automatic shopping buttons, choose from one of the following ways to order:

1.  Mail your order using this printable order form.
CALL FIRST to find out shipping cost for your order (so you can include with your payment), print the order form, fill it out, include your personal check (5 business days to clear), Money Order or Cashier's Check, then mail to:

Survival Enterprises
9360 N. Government Way #1A
Hayden, ID 83835

UPDATE: We can now take your check over the phone.
Call us with your order, have a blank check ready, and give us certain data from your check, and we simply print it out here and deposit it into our bank! No more having to spend the time and money mailing the check to us and having to wait the extra week.

2.  Send us an email!
If you are an existing customer & we already have your credit card or check data on file,
you may send an email to:
Just let us know who you are, what you want, and any special instructions you have.

2.  Or, just call us!
This is about as simple as it gets. To place an order, just call 800 753-1981 or our direct line at (310) 295-9686
We answer the phones, 7 days a week, 9am to 8pm Pacific Time



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