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Colloidal Silver was used by American physicians for over 100 years. It is listed in the Doctors Educational Materials (dated 1915) as the "best application for the treatment of various infectious agents".

The over-use of modern drug-based antibiotics have created resistant strains of bacteria. Over 50,000 people die yearly from the failure of these antibiotics.
Colloidal Silver kills such bacteria.

Colloidal Silver Water from Survival Enterprises is the best natural antibiotic.

The new wave of colloidal silver merchants (especially on the Internet) try to convince you that PPM (parts per million) or particle surface area (size of particle) is all that matters. Both those measurements have little, if anything, to do with the actual effectiveness of any Colloidal Silver product.

Those that promote the false theory that particle surface area or PPM is all that matters, do so ONLY to sell their substandard and over priced products. You can find thousands of similar websites claiming that their CS is the "best there is", "the strongest available", or "have magical properties that other CS products don't have"

There are even some (self proclaimed) "experts" who promote themselves as "independent evaluators", claiming their website performs scientific tests that magically ( yet "scientifically") determines that ALL Colloidal Silver but theirs is dangerous and worthless!

Do these "experts" actually test CS in a lab against pathogen (bacteria, virus, fungus) to test true effectivness? No, as that would destroy their bogus theories and claims.

The proof of the effectiveness of ANY Colloidal Silver is whether or not it works, not whether some self-proclaimed "expert" decides that it does!

Silver is a "heavy metal" and can be dangerous if taken in too large a particle size or too great a PPM. Large particles of silver will adhere to various organs and are unable to permeate the cell wall to actively attack most pathogen. This WILL eventually result in a toxic build up of silver. Symptoms of this poisoning are: headaches, nausea, stomach cramps, joint aches, and other various flu-like symptoms.

TPV (Therapeutic Particles per Volume) is the proper way to measure strength. A silver dollar in a cup of water has a concentration of 92,690 PPM, but it has ZERO therapeutical value.

If you can see a discoloration of the colloidal silver (brown, yellow or creme color),
then the particles are too large for safe and continued internal use.


The size of a blood cell is 7.5 micron. Most bacillus are about 4 to 15 microns. A virus is about .01 micron. Our Colloidal Silver is .003 micron, smaller than a virus! This small size allows our product to easily pass through the cell wall to directly attack the heart of the pathogen, and our Colloidal Silver exits the body via the bladder in under three days!

Our Colloidal Silver has NOTHING added to it. It is made of pure, deionized water and 99.999% pure silver. Our Colloidal Silver is 3 PPM, yet there are over 9,000,000,000 particles of pure silver per ounce!

Our Colloidal Silver is the safest, most powerful Colloidal Silver made, and we have the best prices in the world!

Warning about the "make it yourself" kits on
the internet and why a guy turned blue!

Testimonials from users of our Colloidal Silver

  • "Since 1970, I've had a foot fungus. This caused not only bad foot order, but pieces of bloody skin between my toes would actually rot off! I used COLLOIDAL SILVER each night (on my feet and drank 1 oz. per day) for FOUR DAYS. That was two weeks ago. My feet don't itch anymore and the skin is actually healing!" - K.W. Modesto
  • "For over a month, I've had an ear infection which just would not go away. I put drops of COLLOIDAL SILVER in my ear for two days and my ear infection is totally gone. " - A.W. Sacramento
  • "Having gone through an extensive series of Chemotherapy, I have been susceptible to any infection which comes along. I developed a chest cold, which caused my lungs to fill with liquid whenever I lay down. The drugs the doctors gave me knocked me out, so I stopped taking them the first day. I took 3 oz. of COLLOIDAL SILVER per day for three days. I could sleep better and the chest cold disappeared." - J.V. San Francisco
  • "I developed a throat infection. It was very painful. I gargled with COLLOIDAL SILVER three times a day (and drank the 1 oz. per time I used). Within two days my throat was healed." - A.L. Los Angeles
  • "I received 1st degree burns to my right hand.  The doctors said it would heal, but be badly scarred. I used Colloidal Silver Gel for two months, applying it many times during the day. My hand has healed so well, and WITHOUT scarring, that no one can tell which hand was burnt!" - B.T. Reno
  • "I run a welding school in San Francisco. Have you any idea how many times a day someone burns themselves here? We keep a spray bottle of Colloidal Silver on hand. As soon as someone gets burned, they wash the effected area then dose it with the CS. There's never any infection and most burns heal faster and without the scaring associated with the standard burn treatments." - L.R. San Francisco

Colloidal Silver

1 quart
Colloidal Silver

2 Gallon Bottle
Colloidal Silver

emergency use only

1 quart


Colloidal Silver

5 Gallon Bottle
Colloidal Silver Gel

8 oz bottle
For sunburn, acne, after shaving, cuts, scrapes, burns, etc
Colloidal Silver Pocket Sprayer
1/3 oz.
Thin, pocket-sized pump sprayer. Put our CS in and carry for emergency wound care, eye wash, etc

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"These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.
This product is not intended to diagnose, cure, prevent or treat any diseases."

The above is a Government ORDERED statement.
It is NOT based in either reality or sanity.
Just like our Government.

In a landmark decision on Friday, Jan. 15, 1999, the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia ruled that
the health claim rules imposed by the FDA unconstitutional and in violation of the Administrative Procedure Act.
The court instructed the FDA to allow the use of disclaimers on labels rather than to suppress these claims outright.
The court further held prohibiting nutrient disease relationship claims invalid under the first Amendment to the Constitution.