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GQ GMC-320 digital Geiger Counter

Geiger Counters for sale at Survival Enterprises. See the radiation levels in your community, house, car, school, store and more.
Geiger Counter




The GQ GMC-320 digital Geiger Counter is designed to be portable and convenient. The device comes with built in audible and visual signals for the level of radiation detected. It can be used for radiation detection and monitoring both indoors and outdoors.

It features automatic data recording, with the ability to log the data each second into it's built-in 1 MB flash memory. It can continually monitor and the history is searchable. When connected to a PC, software can download the radiation history data to the computer so the user can analyze the data later.

The device is equipped with a USB port for communication and external power supply/charging of the internal rechargeable battery. Using the USB cable, continuous data monitoring is possible. Doing this you will not have to worry about the batteries charge condition or any data loss.

The main board also has a real time clock for time related data logging purposes.

The USB port communicates with the GQ GMC-320 Geiger Counter software and the GQ Geiger Counter Data Viewer software.

The GQ Geiger Counter Data Viewer software can download the time stamped radiation (history) data from the unit and save it on a computer for future references and analysis.

The GQ data viewer software also can be used as realtime data monitor. User is able to save the realtime data into Excel .csv, text format, HTML file format and other formats.

GQ GMC-320 provides open GQ RFC1201 communication protocol for easier system integration.

Feature Snyposis:

1) Small, portable hand-held. Dimension: 5'x2.85'x1'
2) Audio (internal speaker) and visual indication for nuclear radiation detections. Speaker on/off control
3) Dot matrix LCD digital display model with back light. Back light control ON,OFF and power-saver timeout mode. Text mode provides maximum   data information. eg. CPM, Date, Time, Elapsed time, uSv/h, mR/h etc.
  Real-time graphic mode provides visualized real-time radiation changes. Also displays the CPM rate at same time. In Graphic mode, the ZOOM   feature lets user see lowest to highest graph onscreen. Auto 180 degree swivel display.
4) USB Data port for connection with computer/PC/laptop GQ Soft Geiger Counter software. Variable communication baud rate
5) USB DC input port for external power input, so that continually monitoring becomes possible.

6) Built in battery charging feature for charging internal battery. Can use rechargeable or non-rechargeable 3.6V/3.7V battery. Battery charging and   battery level indicator. Battery type selectable in software:rechargeable/non rechargeable
7) Powerfull counter circuit is capable for handling high CPM counting.
8) Hign sensitivity M4011 tube installed (replaceable)
9) On-board real-time clock. Alarm setting, alarm ON/OFF, alarm type, alarm level, date.
10) On-board temperature sensor, celsius or fahrenheit.
11) On-board electronic gyroscope
12) One megabyte flash memory (built in) for history data recording Record second/minute/hour. Up to 7 days searchable history data
13) Three points calibration. For CPM to uSv/h and mR/h conversion


Radiation detection: Beta, Gamma and X-Ray.
Sensitivity to Gamma Radiation: 0.1~1 MeV
Own Background: 0,2 Pulses/s
Working Voltage: 3.2-4.0V
LCD Display: Dot matrix with back light
Working power: 0.045W - 0.2W
Power: 3.6V/3.7V battery / USB power

Package include items:

GQ GMC-320.
USB cable
Quick start guide


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